Armada RV deep cycle batteries are designed to be cycled and cycled often. Unlike much of our competition that offers "dual purpose" or "light duty" batteries for their deep cycle applications, our batteries are getting heavier and lasting longer. Our warranty is the best in the industry on our deep cycle batteries.

Many people think it is normal to get 2 or 3 years out of your RV battery. We urge you to give Armada a try and you'll be blown away with the performance and lifespan of our product. 

Specifications will be coming soon. Please feel free to email us on our contact page if you need any information on our batteries.

RV Battery Winter Maintenance

1. Always remove your batteries from your RV and store them inside your garage or basement. If they are left in your RV they can freeze. Once this happens they will have to be replaced and there is no warranty on frozen batteries. It is not necessary to store the batteries in a heated area, however it is crucial that they are charged regularly if stored in an area where it drops below freezing.
2. Be sure to charge your batteries throughout the winter to prevent sulfation. Sulfation occurs during periods of extended storage and will reduce the batteries capacity and make it very hard to recharge come spring. An hour of charge every 30 days will do the trick or you can use an automatic maintainer, such as a Battery Tender that will automatically monitor your battreies condition and come on and off as needed.
3. Check your batteries fluid level if you have a serviceable battery. Fill to about an inch below the top of the case making sure the plates are covered. Distilled water is best, bottled water will do as well.
4. Clean any corrosion off your terminals with a wire brush and a baking soda solution. 

Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection when delaing with your batteries!